TECOSIM Newsletter November 2017

Dear Readers

Lightweight design is a hot topic in the automotive industry and one which our in-house innovation processes also focus on. The SimPlex research project is a prime example of such activity. We're working together with university partners in our quest for a solution to greatly reduce weight.

Lightweight design is also a key issue in electric vehicle development. Vehicle safety presents a particular challenge in this respect. Read one of our current case reports to see how TECOSIM assists e.GO Mobile AG in crash safety optimisation for its new e.GO Life while keeping an eye on costs and weight.

TECOSIM now offers a new web app at www.tecbench.de, which gives project managers in the automotive sector a brief overview of available TEC|BENCH models. A white paper accompanies the virtual application, describing in detail how development times can be reduced with the aid of digital benchmark models.

Read more about this and other topics in our current newsletter. We hope you enjoy an informative read.

Your TECOSIM newsletter Team