Virtual solutions for faster benchmarking and time to market

TECOSIM will be presenting its virtual benchmarking process TEC|BENCH at two important trade fairs this autumn – at EuroCarBody and at SIMVEC. In addition, the focus will be on new solutions for digital development and the resultant faster product launch. 

At EuroCarBody, the leading global benchmarking conference in car body construction, TECOSIM will present the current status of TEC|BENCH from 16 to 18 October 2018. The virtual benchmarking process developed by TECOSIM allows a great depth of detail and accuracy in the virtual representation of the rival vehicle in question. The possibility of preparing vehicle models or structures in the client's own CAE environment means that demand is constantly growing. In addition to new digital supplementary applications, TECSOIM is making TEC|BENCH stock models the focus of the trade fair (Stand 11). Benefit: The results of vehicle projects already conducted have attractive prices and are available quickly.

New approaches and solutions for quicker product development and launch are at the heart of the TECOSIM presence (Stand 35) at the VDI Congress SIMVEC on 20 and 21 November 2018. The rising complexity in material and vehicle development, with falling development times at the same time, means that demand for new development solutions is growing. TECOSIM sees great potential in realising a digitised development chain in the better and faster use of FEM, CAD and CAE data and their simulation in real time.