Safety, comfort and the environment

The TECOSIM Group is specialised in engineering services for product development. It is a market leader in numerical calculation and simulation (CAE) and a provider of development processes and software. This internationally active group has five branches in Germany. It also has further locations in India, Japan, Romania, the UK and the US.

With a team of about 600 engineers worldwide, TECOSIM creates solutions for transport, energy, industry & technology and health. With the aid of CAE in the early stages of product development, specialists simulate the behaviour of components under different environmental influences and then visualise the result.

TECOSIM is one of the few development partners which has specialised exclusively in computer-aided engineering.

Innovation driver

TECOSIM is one of the key innovation drivers in the CAE industry. The development, nurturing and marketing of new ideas are firmly embedded in our processes. We are also continually working on a number of research projects, the findings of which represent a milestone in product or process optimisation and open up new fields of application.

TECOSIM works together in close cooperation with different universities. Some projects are funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK) and the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). Examples of research projects implemented by TECOSIM

  • Improvement to a laminated safety glass model to optimise pedestrian safety in the event of a head crashing onto a windscreen.
  • Calculation of resonance behaviour in a cast frame to optimise acoustics in a grand piano (more under press release “Computer with perfect hearing”).
  • Optimisation of turbine splinter protection for gliders: material model created for virtual simulation.
  • Development of a simulation process for acoustics analysis with the aim of suppressing and preventing sloshing noises in vehicle fuel tanks. The process interlinked fluid dynamics, structure simulation and acoustics analysis (more under press release “More drive comfort thanks to reduced tank noise”).
  • Optimisation of calculation time for crash simulations through the development of a process during which components are automatically converted from a “rigid body” and into fully-fledged deformable component models (more under press release “Calculation time reduced for crash simulations”).


Optimum quality is one of our company’s key objectives. All employees therefore constantly strive after quality, which is also firmly embedded in our processes. Our quality management has been certified by TÜV Rheinland as per DIN ISO EN 9001:2015.

Internal teams are consistently working on developing standards further. Quality assurance instruments such as internal audits, an Intranet-based knowledge management system, manuals, reports, customer surveys and target agreements help employees and management to ensure a high quality standard.