Simulation of exhaust aftertreatment systems

Exhaust aftertreatment is one of the most important means of ensuring compliance with the exhaust standards applicable worldwide. This term specifically refers to all processes which use a mechanical, catalytic or chemical system to clean combustion gases after they are emitted from the combustion chamber. In simulating exhaust aftertreatment system, however, TECOSIM relies on an integral analysis which includes all points which may have an impact on exhaust gas emission.

Even the injection process can have an influence on the emission of exhaust gases. TECOSIM uses this basis to carefully analyse all points in the system and their impact on the following processes: from injection and combustion within the engine through to the discharge of exhaust gases.

TECOSIM has developed different CAE methods for simulating exhaust aftertreatment and selects the best concept in cooperation with the client based on the specified parameters. All aspects which may have an impact on the emission of exhaust gases are examined during simulation. TECOSIM engineers not only take current exhaust emission standard specifications into account during the analysis itself and the subsequent development of optimisation recommendations, but also keep in mind compliance with future guidelines.

Schematic diagram of exhaust aftertreatment systems.