Interactive system simulation for a driver's seat

The online demonstrator on this page allows users to explore system simulation as demonstrated by a driver's seat using a hands-on approach. The interactive application enables them to acquire quicker and greater understanding of how different parameters influence the quality of damping, for example. Factors such as the seat weight or driver's weight, spring rate, damping and the damping type can also be modified on an individual basis. The effects can be viewed directly as an animated clip or as a plot.

A video at the end of this page explains how the online demonstrator can be used to optimum effect. We will gladly send you the online demonstrator as an interactive document free of charge. You can then use it in your working environment – PC, Mac or Linux – with MaplePlayer without enduring long load times. Please send us an email to systemsimulation(at) and we will gladly forward you the document.

Video instructions for using the online demonstrator

We explain how the online demonstrator can be used to optimum effect in a short video.