System simulation

System simulation is used to examine highly complex overall systems in which many sub-systems interact. Mapping and simulating such a system is a supreme discipline: the physical properties of all components and sub-systems which are interconnected with each other and exert influence on one another must be described in a mathematically correct way and their behaviour evaluated. Their constantly changing environment must also be taken into account. It is essential not to lose sight of the overall system as a sum of all parts for all details. TECOSIM has specialised in 1D simulation for the automotive industry in the system simulation field.

Basic requirements for system simulation are simulation models of sub-areas which map physical behaviour. Such a sub-system could be a vehicle's powertrain, for example. A model can be used to simulate the structural-dynamic behaviour of engine and powertrain components. The sub-systems are then interconnected to form an overall system.

Online demonstrator

Developed by TECOSIM in cooperation with software company Maplesoft, an online demonstrator allows engineers to explore system simulation as demonstrated by a driver's seat using a hands-on approach. This interactive application gives quicker and greater understanding of how different parameters influence the quality of damping, for example. Factors such as the seat weight or driver's weight, spring rate, damping and the damping type can be modified on an individual basis. The effects can be viewed directly as an animated clip or as a plot. 

Online demonstrator

We will gladly send you the online demonstrator as an interactive document free of charge. You can then use it in your working environment – PC, Mac or Linux – without enduring long load times. Please send us an email to systemsimulation(at) and we will gladly forward you the download link.  

Different fields of depth

The results from the system simulation can be displayed at different fields of depth: zero-dimensional (0D), one-dimensional (1D) and three-dimensional (3D). 1D system simulation in particular offers the advantage of comparing highly complex overall systems with one another and evaluating them. This is because a 3D system simulation based on an FE model becomes too extensive in terms of computer capacities after a certain point. In contrast, 1D modelling is purely mathematical, based on theory and experimental analysis.

System simulation in automotive industry

TECOSIM has specialised in 1D simulation for the automotive industry in the system simulation field. Taking a structured approach is essential for the end result when a simulation model is first produced. The experts at TECOSIM take three important steps into account when classifying:

  • Definition of model requirements
  • Overall system divided into sub-models. Decisive factors in this process are calculation time, different modelling depths and the specified simulation programs.
  • Interconnection between the individual sub-models based on the exchange of physical sizes.


TECOSIM uses the following 1D simulations for product development in the automotive industry: