Component Tests

TECOSIM provides OEMs and their suppliers with comprehensive CAE development expertise in crash simulations for vehicle components. It also integrates local and safety guidelines and consumer tests such as the US and Euro NCAPs for components and takes them into account during the component development process.

The following components are simulated, along with others:

  • Seats: static and dynamic load conditions, taking into account:
    ECE R14 Seat Belt Anchorage
    ECE R17 Head Restraints
    Belt Attachments
    ECE R17 Protection against load shifting
    Head Restraints (e.g. whiplash, ECE R17)
  • Bumper systems:
    Load conditions at low speeds (front/rear)
    FMVSS 581
    FMVSS 215
    ECE R42 Impact test
  • Sled tests

CAE delivers its greatest benefit at early stages in product development. Starting from the pre-development and conceptual design stages, we offer reliable calculations and analyses which advance development in the right direction.