Software development

TECOSIM develops customised company software for its clients in the transport, energy, industry and health care sectors. Such programs always come into use when the standard solutions available do not provide adequate support or any support whatsoever. TECOSIM offers this service worldwide, drawing on its existing location network of thirteen offices in five countries.

TECOSIM responds to the growing global demand for customised process and engineering software with a full service package. The partnership between the client and TECOSIM may include comprehensive services, depending on the client's requirements: One option is establishing what is known as an offshore development centre, which allows the client to be fully involved in all stages of the software development process.

The package can also include provision of the required infrastructure, such as offices, hardware and software, the selection of qualified employees and the formation of entire project teams. The process remains transparent for the client at all times and is thus also open for their involvement. The client can then coordinate and manage the project directly themselves or through a project manager at a later point in time.

Selection of software used by TECOSIM for development:

  • Java
  • Delphi
  • C++
  • Access
  • clipper
  • oracle forms
  • C# (WinForms)
  • ASP.Net
  • Scripting-XML
  • HTML
  • MySql
  • Java Script Web Services
  • Microsoft Visual Studio