ZF concept study


Determination of load cases and rigidities

ZF presented the potential that intelligent networking of individual chassis, propulsion and driver systems bring in its Advanced Urban Vehicle at the 2015 International Motor Show (IAA), providing an extremely versatile, locally emission-free concept networked with the driver and the environment. TECOSIM assisted in the project by determining different load cases and dynamic rigidities in the axle sections and battery installation locations.


The Advanced Urban Vehicle exhibits innovative solutions for personal transport in the small and compact vehicle segment. ZF‘s established stringent standards for close-to-production solutions were applied during the vehicle concept development. ZF was faced with the following challenges:

  • Ensuring the greatest possible manoeuvrability in urban traffic thanks to newly designed front axle with a 75-degree steering angle
  • Integrating an innovative, eTB (Electric Twist Beam) rear wheel drive, installed close to the wheels
  • Networking semi-automated assistance functions


TECOSIM enabled conflicting requirements to be fulfilled in the short period of time thanks to simulation of crashes, the chassis and other aspects. The CAE experts incorporated the results from the re-defined load cases and dynamic rigidities into the axle geometry reorientation and the related battery installation location. The individual solutions were optimised to ensure that the behaviour of the ZF prototype was formulated in a similar way to the selected, unmodified basic series-production vehicle.

Client benefit

TECOSIM impressed as a solution-oriented project partner, helping enormously to ensure that ZF was able to present a concept vehicle to trade experts which was ready for series production in terms of crash safety design and driving performance. The vehicle was completed based on ZF requirements within an ambitious time frame.

Get more informations about the project in our Reference report under >Downloads<.


TECOSIM helped enormously in ensuring that this cutting-edge project was able to go ahead and was successful in its completion. The close, creative, committed cooperative partnership enabled us to achieve an ambitious objective over the two months.

Dipl.-Ing. Joachim Cichy, ZF Friedrichshafen AG


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