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New material models for REHAU

Safe and extremely strong: modern composites take over in car manufacturing. REHAU develops production procedures which increase the use of these lightweight materials. TECOSIM assists in this process by calculating and simulating a variety of material values.


Less weight means less fuel consumed, fewer CO2 emissions and greater travel ranges, essential in view of an electric vehicle future. Material cards are becoming considerably more important in the development of new, lightweight composites. These cards contain all material properties and provide information on how a material reacts to external influences in terms of damage such as crack and dent formation and on the extent of such damage. REHAU was faced with the following challenges:

  • Producing three material cards for three new composite types
  • Frequent variations in test results
  • Completion and evaluation of tests in a temperature range between -40 and +90 degrees


TECOSIM took responsibility for managing and coordinating the universities which also helped with testing for this ambitious development project. TECOSIM produced material card models for three composites, on which the behaviour of different external influences could be precisely mapped up to the point where the materials deform.

Client benefit

TECOSIM impressed as a solution-oriented project partner. The company delivered high-grade material models based on the final validation results. REHAU used the simulation to establish a quickly implemented, informative approach to further development using real components. After the created material models based on the material cards are validated, the models can then be used to design components, thus reducing development times even further.

Get more informations about the project in our Reference report under >Downloads<.


As a future-oriented company, REHAU works to optimise its CAE processes on a continuous basis. Working together with TECOSIM helped to achieve this goal and delivered excellent results.

Tobias Tuchbreiter, REHAU AG


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