TECOSIM: Virtuelle Crashoptimierung für e.GO Life




e.GO Life


Virtual crash safety optimisation for e.GO Life

An electric vehicle which is fun, yet still affordable: Life, an innovative urban car from e.GO Mobile AG, epitomises such an ideal. e.GO Mobile AG commissioned TECOSIM to develop a crash-optimised vehicle body.


Besides occupant safety, development for e.GO Life primarily focused on the accident-protected design of safety-relevant high-voltage components. The design needed to eliminate potential danger for occupants and damage for rechargeable batteries. During crash safety optimisation, the CAE specialists at TECOSIM also centred on vehicle weight, time and costs.


TECOSIM simulated a variety of front impacts and worked with e.GO to develop a crash-optimised vehicle body based on the CAD design. The TECOSIM engineers used FE calculations to produce solution recommendations to select material grades and thickness widths. TECOSIM thus reduced weight while also enhancing crash performance. It also helped significantly in creating a new electric car in just a third of the development time normally required and for a tenth of the usual development costs.

Client benefit

TECOSIM assisted e.GO in its challenging task and used calculation and simulation to develop a comparatively lightweight vehicle body, the production costs of which met budget constraints while complying with all mandatory safety requirements.

Get more informations about the project in our Reference report under >Downloads<.



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