Solutions for manufacturing for the automotive industry

In the production of vehicles many processing steps have to harmonise in order to ensure an efficient operation. TECOSIM is familiar with the demands of OEMs that are already incorporated in product development. In addition to calculation and simulation in product development, TECOSIM also offers solutions for production: Our engineers have extensive project experience and develop – in close cooperation with the plant manufacturers – the most varied solutions for production systems in the automotive industry.

Every production area in car manufacture has its challenges. In their entirety, the production areas form a material flow that ultimately leads to the composition of all vehicle components, from the bodywork, engine and chassis right up to the interior finish. TECOSIM engineers have extensive project experience and develop solutions for all production areas of production systems in the automotive industry. We work with many plant manufacturers and their end-customers (automotive manufacturers) and know the processes and phases within the individual production stages. In recent years, we have predominantly specialised in the production area Body in White.

TECOSIM offers the following services in the development and implementation of manufacturing plants and production systems:

  • In the phase of process planning, the experience engineers design the use of machines and robots based on calculations and analyses. You can find more information specifically on BIW manufacture here.
  • In the next step, TECOSIM takes responsibility for the design development of tools and other line building equipment. On the basis of many projects, our engineers know how to develop tools for further reaching requirements. You can find examples of the design development of production tools for BIW manufacture here.
  • Finally, we virtually put the production system into operation by simulation before it is actually build.For example, in this way the functionality of various machines, robots and sensors and even the systems control itself can be represented and checked. You can see what such a simulation may look like and what has to be borne in mind here.

With support from TECOSIM, the optimum use of the technical and mechanical resources is also ensured. As well as planning capacities, the adaptability and sustainability of a system are very important today. Because due to the large number of varieties, different models are manufactured on a production line nowadays in rapid succession. In addition of the cost- and time-efficient use of machines, the necessary adjustment and the ergonomic conditions for staff can also be represented and optimised on the basis of TECOSIM services.

Our Capacities:

  • Catia V5: approx. 5,000 hours/month
  • UG: approx. 3,000 hours/month
  • FIDES: 1,000 hours/month
  • Simulation: Process simulation and RobCAD: approx. 2,000 hours/month