Lectures in 2011

You will find an overview of lectures given in 2011. You can access available downloads at the end of the page.

Development of charge air lines with minimised pressure loss thanks to non-parametric optimisation during the construction stage
Lecture at the 4th "Norddeutsches Simulationsforum" on 26 May 2011 in  Hamburg / Germany.
Speaker: Dipl.-Ing. Hendrik Grashof, TECOSIM Technische Simulation GmbH

Model building and processes in CAE, a review given by a professional service supplier
Presentation at the conference "automotive CAE Grand Challenge 2011" on 19 April 2011 in Hanau / Germany.
Speaker: Dipl.-Ing. Udo Jankowski, TECOSIM Venture AG

Download in English available

Optimization Process for Correlation of Experimental and Numerical Modal Analysis
Lecture at the European HyperWorks Technology Conference EHTC 2011 on 8 November 2011 in Bonn / Germany.
Speaker: Dr.-Ing. Martin Müller-Bechtel, TECOSIM Technische Simulation GmbH

Download in English available