One-Dimensional System Simulation

A complex technical system can be simulated in a one-dimensional network where transport equations and conservation laws are solved using the finite difference method, for example, while taking into consideration control systems. If necessary, heat transmission and chemical reactions can also be taken into account. Mechanical and electrical sub-systems are also usually simulated in addition to fluid systems.

Depending on the application in question, individual modules can be modelled as a detailed physical structure with different complexities or incorporated in simplified form as a characteristic diagram. Transient signals in the simulation can be used to train neural networks, which then replace the complex system. The aim is to provide a reliable prediction of overall system behaviour. 1D system simulation is often used directly in the application (engine control).

One-dimensional system simulation in automobile industry

TECOSIM has specialised in the following areas of one-dimensional system simulation for the automotive industry:

  • Fuel-injection hydraulic systems
  • Lubrication and oil circuits
  • Cooling circuits
  • Catalytic exhaust after-treatment

More information is provided under system simulation.