Frequently asked questions about TEC|WRX

What is TEC|WRX?

TEC|WRX is a software plug-in for CAE engineers. Developed by TECOSIM itself, it is based on Altair's HyperMesh, into which our solid know-how in CAE process optimisation has been incorporated.

Who was the software designed for?

TECOSIM developed TEC|WRX especially for clients who use HyperMesh for meshing and compiling models for technical calculation and simulation.

What does TEC|WRX offer?

Considerable time and cost savings. TEC|WRX allows users to implement work steps which used to require many clicks, but are now complete with a single press of a button. Depending on the task, a CAE engineer can save up to several hours' work. The software plug-in also reduces potential for errors, ensuring that the quality of calculations is improved.

TEC|WRX is very adaptable, thus making it suitable for a wide range of uses in different disciplines and for different client requirements.

Does a CAE engineer need prior knowledge to use TEC|WRX?

TEC|WRX is intended for all HyperMesh users. No special prior knowledge is required besides basic knowledge of HyperMesh. TEC|WRX is embedded as an additional toolbar in HyperMesh and assists the user.

Which functions distinguish TEC|WRX from the standard version of Altair's HyperMesh?

Certain rules can be discerned when creating simulation models in HyperMesh. The developers of TEC|WRX brought these rules together and then automated individual steps. This saves a great deal of time on searches while input is easily entered in a tool bar. Automation rules have extended the Copy and Apply functions for component meshes, for example. TEC|WRX also automates the addition of these meshes to the existing model.

How can I order the software?

Send an email to Please indicate the delivery and invoice address, the required number of licences and a contact number. Alternatively, you can fill out the order form that you will find on our website at

How can I download the software?

You cannot download the software; you will receive the package from us by email once you have completed the order.

Where can I download a test version?

We do not provide a test version download, but you are welcome to contact us regarding a test version or to arrange a software presentation at

Where can I learn more about how TEC|WRX works?

You can contact our email support at with any questions that you may have. You will receive comprehensive instructions for use when you acquire the software plug-in. 

Is there an online help?

Yes. A HTML-based online help is supplied with TEC|WRX.

Does my computer need to meet special technical requirements to use TEC|WRX?

All computers which run HyperMesh Version 12 or higher can use TEC|WRX.

Is there a volume discount if site licences are acquired?

Yes. Contact us and we will calculate the price of individual volume licences,

What's more, we also offer a discount of 20 per cent if you order before the end of 2014 for both purchased and lease licences.