TEC|WRX: Efficient tools for CAE engineers

Most powerful CAE software programs found on the market do not fully map important processes for CAE engineers. This results in CAE engineers wasting a great deal of time on a never-ending series of clicks and data conversion due to interruptions, time which could be better spent on more pressing problems and tasks. TECOSIM has therefore begun to develop software tools which make processes more efficient. They not only reduce the work hours and make work easier, but also help to decrease the potential for errors.

Based on Altair's HyperMesh, TEC|WRX is one of the software applications developed by TECOSIM engineers. Its 'toolbox' makes a CAE engineer's working day significantly easier when generating models. Depending on the task, a CAE engineer can save anything from a few minutes to several hours of work. This leads to greater efficiency and reduces costs. The quality of simulation models generated is improved - thanks to the error-free, automated correlation of repeated work steps. The software is very flexible and can be adapted to client's requirements on an individual basis. TEC|WRX incorporates more than 20 years of TECOSIM's experience in computer-aided engineering (CAE) and specialists' in-depth knowledge of simulation processes.

The advantages of TEC|WRX at a glance

  • Automated individual steps in a single tool
  • Significant time savings in generating simulation models 
  • Improved quality in simulation models
  • More direct access to key functions
  • Flexible software which can be adapted to individual customer requirements,
    thus making it easy to interlink with other CAE software programs.