Our products for virtual development

Product development cycles are becoming increasingly shorter in almost all industries. Three factors form the basis for increasingly faster development: the expertise of engineers, reliable, efficient development processes and tools, and the continuous adaptation of organisation and work processes in the company as part of the overall approach to Product development.


In engineering, benchmarking often makes a comparison between the hardware of two competitors. The data acquired is then used to determine the strengths and weaknesses of a product based on the materials and design structure used, for example. With TEC|BENCHâ„¢, we at TECOSIM take this process one step further. Using the hardware data, we produce CAE models in several steps, from which we obtain valuable, virtual information. This information allows us to study aspects which cannot be analysed without simulation.


Vehicle developers often need to reconcile conflicting requirements in their conceptual designs to optimum effect. Such conflicting requirements may include lightweight design versus alternative drive systems, safety versus comfort or costs versus tailored solutions for the customer. A major role is also played by the increasing number of materials and processing methods which need to be taken into account when developing new concepts.


Most powerful CAE software programs found on the market do not fully map important processes for CAE engineers. TECOSIM has therefore begun to develop software tools which make processes more efficient. They not only reduce the work hours and make work easier, but also help to decrease the potential for errors.