Video explains faster development methods

TEC|CONCEPT is a new process solution for faster virtual vehicle development by TECOSIM. This method allows researchers to take a large number of factors into account simultaneously during the early stage of development. An explanatory video offers a concise description of how TEC|CONCEPT works and what advantages it brings in just two and a half minutes.  

More and more different vehicle types are being brought onto the market in increasingly shorter overall innovation and development cycles. This is leading to a growing demand for virtual calculation and design, now used more frequently in the early stage of development, during which time the design is established.

Together with its cooperation partners, TECOSIM has developed an innovative, multi-disciplinary method for analysing full vehicles and their sub-structures: TEC|CONCEPT helps to simplify or reduce complex, varied requirements for aspects such as quality, weight, rigidity, manufacturing feasibility, structural integrity and costs. The core element is an improved, faster use of the correlations between FEM, CAD and CAE data. 

TECOSIM explains new process solution for faster virtual vehicle development