TECOSIM Newsletter October 2015

Dear Readers,


Our virtual benchmarking process TEC|BENCH has been assisting automotive developers to compare their products with those of rivals more efficiently for over ten years.


How exactly does TEC|BENCH work? We will gladly explain the process to you at EuroCarBody (ECB) in Bad Nauheim, Germany, between 20 and 22 October 2015. If you are planning to attend this trade congress, you are welcome to visit us at Booth 17 on the gallery. Or simply read more about TEC|BENCH in our current newsletter.


We also take a look at our new explanatory video on TEC|CONCEPT. TEC|CONCEPT comprises a new process solution for faster virtual vehicle development.


The third topic of interest in the newsletter is a report on the recently completed "Reducing computing times for crash simulations" research project.


As always, we hope you enjoy reading our latest news.


Best regards,