ECB 2014: TECOSIM celebrates ten years of TEC|BENCH

Successful advance into the future: TECOSIM is setting standards for virtual benchmarking with TEC|BENCH, optimally matched to the client's CAE environments. The digital simulation specialists will be showcasing its full potential at the EuroCarBody 2014 conference in Bad Nauheim between 21 and 23 October.

TECOSIM is presenting its virtual benchmarking process TEC|BENCH at the ECB.

Virtual benchmarking with TECOSIM's TEC|BENCH is an international success story which commenced ten years ago. TECOSIM, the market leader in computer aided engineering (CAE) and provider of high-performance special software will be showcasing the high points of TEC|BENCH's history and strong visions for the future during its presence at EuroCarBody. This 16th global conference for vehicle body benchmarking takes place in Bad Nauheim, Germany, between 21 and 23 October 2014.

“At EuroCarBody 2014, we wish to inspire the people who take care of a car's structure with the great potential of TEC|BENCH,” affirms Martin Westerwald, General Manager and responsible for TEC|BENCH at TECOSIM. TECOSIM will also be recalling high points in TEC|BENCH history at Booth 17 at the trade fair in the Hotel Dolce.

The advantages of virtual benchmarking play a major role in modern automotive development, which is largely dominated by constantly changing general technical conditions and globally networked processes. These advantages enable manufacturers and suppliers to meet current challenges, such as new testing standards, including the front impact test with a small overlap of just 15 per cent.

The increasing use of new materials and the steadily growing complexity of automotive engineering due to alternative drives are crucial factors in vehicle development. The sector is able to respond to such challenges quickly and efficiently thanks to virtual benchmarking.