Video explains TEC|BENCH in 3 minutes

How does the benchmarking process TEC|BENCH work exactly? What advantages does this process offer in contrast to a traditional comparison between two rival products? What information does the method actually deliver? A new, three-minute video from CAE specialist TECOSIM answers these questions in a way which is easy to understand.

When developing new products or further developing existing ones, companies often compare their products with those of competitors. In the automotive industry, for example, vehicles are taken apart to identify the strengths and weaknesses in a company's own vehicle or the reference vehicle. The findings enable engineers to draw conclusions for their own development work.

With TEC|BENCH, Tecosim offers a process for virtual benchmarking which takes things one step further. Virtual models are produced in a number of steps which provide developers in the automotive industry with more information than a mere 'comparison of hardware.' This information allows us to study aspects such as structure and computational fluid dynamics which cannot be analysed without simulation.