High points in the ten years of TEC|BENCH

A mid-range vehicle started it all back in 2004. Since then, TECOSIM has carried out more than three dozen virtual benchmarking projects for its TEC|BENCH clients – from a compact vehicle to an Italian super sports car – with comparisons carried out on both full vehicles and individual components. The simulation experts also see future potential in other sectors of industry.

Computer screen with modelled car created in TEC|WRX

The TEC|BENCH success story commences in 2004: the first project for which TECOSIM used this unique virtual benchmarking tool was a compact class car ten years ago. A client in Asia ordered the virtualisation of a car which regularly sets benchmarks in its market segment.

Since then, the large, dynamic German market and the Asian market have established themselves as the main focal points for TEC|BENCH. “Increasingly more manufacturers in North America are now interested in our services as references from Europe become more and more important for them,” says Martin Westerwald, who manages TECOSIM's Rüsselsheim branch and is responsible for TEC|BENCH.

TECOSIM has completed almost 40 projects with TEC|BENCH since 2004. The scope of orders ranges from a leading international compact car through to components in an Italian super sports car. When the exclusive period of use agreed with the client expires, there is the option of providing other clients with access to the data.