News from the branch offices

In August, TECOSIM Venture AG, the TECOSIM Group's holding company, relocated to a new office at Bahnhofsplatz 3, a central location in Rüsselsheim, thus creating the necessary conditions for the planned expansion of business activities.

The Mayor of Rüsselsheim, Patrick Burghardt, makes a welcoming speech at the inauguration of the new TECOSIM offices.

The Rüsselsheim branch and its 45 engineers will remain on the existing site in Ferdinand-Stuttmann-Strasse, where we will continue to expand our new business fields of energy, industry and engineering as well as health care in the Rhine-Main region. It is also our aim to strengthen our presence in segments in the transport sector, important in the region.

As the holding company, TECOSIM Venture AG and its 15 employees perform central tasks such as corporate development, IT, finance, communications and human resources for the whole group, which also operates in the UK, Japan and India in addition to Germany.

Changes to the TECOSIM Group's organisational structure

Changes are being introduced to TECOSIM's organisational structure for the end of the year. As Key Account Manager at the Ingolstadt branch, Stephan Oldenburg will be the new contact person for clients locally in the future. He will be assisted in his duties by a team of CAE specialists. A graduate mechanical engineer, Mr Oldenburg has been working for TECOSIM since 1997 and his last post was a management position in Rüsselsheim.

The TECOSIM office in Wolfsburg is closed. Service for clients in the North German region will be provided at the Cologne branch from now on. The new contact person is Mark Gevers, the General Manager and authorised representative in Cologne. Mr Gevers will also be present at the TECOSIM booth at the North German Simulation Forum instigated by the CAE Forum in the "G" building on Hamburg University of Technology's campus on 31 October.

With a new office in Pune, TECOSIM has reaffirmed its commitment to India and is now present at two locations on the sub-continent. The engineers in Pune will develop solutions for clients in the local automotive sector. The TECOSIM Group has been represented by a subsidiary in Bangalore since 2009.