TEC|WRX: new software for CAE engineers from TECOSIM

In TEC|WRX, TECOSIM is presenting a new software application at SIMVEC 2014 which makes the working day easier for CAE engineers while offering a significantly more efficient approach. This 'toolbox' has been developed by TECOSIM engineers and is based on the simulation software HyperMesh by Altair. It incorporates extensive knowledge of simulation processes and the specialists' experience in CAE gained over more than 20 years, thus making it a solution developed by users for users. The result speaks for itself.

The software TEC|WRX closes a gap in most standard CAE software programs.

The overriding trends in automotive development take effect on day-to-day work for CAE engineers. Increasingly shorter project and development times plus a simultaneous growth in requirements call for continuous refinement of the tools and methods used. Cost efficiencies yield a continuous improvement to the interplay between the different disciplines in developers' everyday work.

TEC|WRX closes gap

The software TEC|WRX closes a gap in most standard CAE software programs. Since such programs do not continuously map the simulation process, there is often no way to avoid manual and, consequently, laborious post-processing of individual steps. This is where TEC|WRX comes to the rescue and groups individual, repeated work steps into an automated process.

Flexible software for faster simulation

'Highly qualified CAE specialists should not be wasting their work time on an endless series of clicks or data conversions,' states Mark Gevers, General Manager at TECOSIM in Cologne and Product Manager for TEC|WRX at TECOSIM. Designed as a complete 'toolbox,' TEC|WRX makes it easier to generate models in any situation. The automated, error-free allocation of repeated work steps not only also increases quality, but also ensures flexible use and scope for individual customer requirements. 'Plus a manageable workload,' continues Gevers. 'Seven minutes saved a day are enough to ensure our tool is worth buying.'

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