TECOSIM Newsletter May 2014

Dear Madam or Sir

With our brand promise, 'better life by simulation', we would like to highlight the fact that our engineers are working to help enhance your driving comfort and safety and also to help protect your environment.

Logically, improving comfort by reducing road noise was also the objective of one of our research projects. For this, the TECOSIM team developed a method that can be used to arrive at accurate conclusions on the acoustic behaviour of a tank. For both OEMs and plastic tank manufacturers, this method offers a clear advantage in the early stages of product development.

We are particularly pleased to see our employees' work recognised by our clients. Our CAE specialists have been awarded as many as five distinctions in England and Germany in recent months.
You can read more about these awards, our research projects and our company in our latest newsletter.

As always, we hope you find it an interesting read.