TECOSIM top innovator again

TECOSIM has been recognised as one of the most innovative medium-sized companies at the German Mid-Size Companies Summit in Essen, Germany. Accompanied by the two innovation officers Dr André Backes and August Sattler, Member of the Management Board Dr Torben Birker received the prestigious seal from science journalist Ranga Yogeshwar. The specialists in computer-aided engineering (CAE) underwent a two-stage scientific analysis prior to the award. TECOSIM has now received the award for the second time, the first being in 2011.

The engineering company won over the jury in the "Top 100" innovation competition due to its innovative environment among other factors. "We make use of the collective intelligence available in our company," says Member of the Management Board Udo Jankowski. The TECOSIM management team formulated and named the new innovation process SIM|PULS in cooperation with employees during workshops and in idea competitions. "We took many opinions and points of view into account while developing the process," explains Jankowski. The new concept took root easily as the different activities gave rise to ambassadors for this new concept in individual departments.

Of the 302 which qualified, 234 companies made it into the final round. 178 of them received an award in three size categories. Photo: KD Busch/compamedia GmbH

"Our in-house process has made us all more aware of how important innovations are," declares Dr Torben Birker. "We invest a great deal of time and effort in our innovation management and attach great importance to the wealth of ideas from all employees in the process. We are very much indebted to them, not only for achieving the "Top 100" award, but also for the numerous improvements and new product ideas."

Award: TECOSIM Member of the Management Board Dr Torben Birker (second from left) and Innovation Officers Dr André Backes and August Sattler accept the accolade from science journalist Ranga Yogeshwar.

Photo: KD Busch/compamedia GmbH


Driving force in virtual vehicle development

In addition to the SIM|PULS process, TECOSIM's self-defined status as an innovation driving force in virtual vehicle development also helps to foster numerous new developments. Among the engineers' most recent accomplishments is the computer-based development method TEC|CONCEPT. This process provides a large number of optimisation options right from the early stage of automotive design and remedies omissions in previous procedures. Another example of their achievements is the TEC|WRX software introduced at the end of last year, which simplifies and speeds up a CAE engineer's daily work as regards model generation.

Two-stage analysis

The award of the "Top 100" seal is a two-stage analysis which Professor Dr Nikolaus Franke and his team from the Institute of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Vienna University of Economics and Business have developed. These academics study the innovation management and success in innovation of medium-sized companies based on 100 criteria in five categories. The academic management decides who ultimately wins the "Top 100" seal.