TECOSIM is top employer

TECOSIM has been honoured with the coveted Top Job seal of quality for the second time. This means that the computer-aided engineering (CAE) market leader is one of 100 best employers among German medium-sized companies yet again. TECOSIM even finished in 5th place overall in its category, Companies with 101 to 500 employees. The mentor to the competition, former German Federal Minister of Economics Wolfgang Clement, presented the award to Member of the TECOSIM Board Dr. Torben Birker and HR Director Sandra Bonow.

Professor Heike Bruch, scientific director at the award ceremony Tob Job 2013.

The Top Job company comparison scheme is based on a survey and a scientific procedure carried out by the Institute for Leadership and Human Resource Management at St. Gallen University in Switzerland. One integrated part of the study consists of a detailed survey of employees and HR management in the companies taking part. This study has been conducted every year since 2002.

When giving the reasons for the panel's decision, the academic chairperson of the award panel, professor Dr. Heike Bruch, drew particular attention to the professional human resources work and leadership. She was also impressed by TECOSIM's family-friendly approach. The numerical calculation and simulation specialist had already received the Job and Family seal of approval from the Hertie Foundation for its policies last summer. Options offered to employees include attractive part-time packages, needs-based working time models, subsidies for childcare and the opportunity to work from home.

„We are proud to receive this award,“ affirms Member of the Executive Board Dr. Torben Birker, „and we thank our employees for such a fantastic appraisal.“ Birker then goes on to explain that, besides varied tasks related to transport, energy, industry and health care, TECOSIM also offers individualised personal development concepts which help employees in realising their career plans.

Employees themselves affirm that Tecosim is an attractive employee too. „The company stands out thanks to interesting work projects and very pleasant employee relations. What's more, the needs of each worker's family are never left unattended,“ affirms calculation engineer Stefan Kutscheidt, for instance.

„The seal of approval shows recognition for our leadership strategy, to which we attach great importance,“ explains HR Director Sandra Bonow. „In our opinion, managers play a pivotal role in the relationship between employees and the company. For us, this means, among other things, that we select and offer the most appropriate management style for employees and their respective current situation.“