TECOSIM at EuroCarBody

EuroCarBody in Bad Nauheim, Germany, sees TECOSIM showcasing its benchmarking portfolio and TEC|BENCH process solution between October 18 and 20, 2016. The conference is a key forum for international automotive engineers to debate state-of-the-art technology in serial vehicle body construction.

TEC|BENCH: saves time and money and delivers a competitive advantage

TEC|BENCH - Reverse engineering made by TECOSIM

TEC|BENCH is the focus of the engineering company's showcase on the first floor (booth 17) of the congress hall in the Hotel Dolce, Bad Nauheim.

Each TEC|BENCH project seeks to produce a precise virtual reproduction based on a digital reconstruction of the original component or vehicle for the purposes of reverse engineering. The starting point is a detailed appraisal of a vehicle which is freely available on the market.

In an initial step, different characteristics tests are carried out. The vehicle is then dismantled and the individual components scanned. After completing this hardware benchmarking, Tecosim transfers the knowledge it has acquired to a virtual simulation model, which is optimally adjusted to the client's development environment.

This not only saves on time and costs, but also offers many other advantages.

Customer benefits from TEC|BENCH at a glance:

  • Optimum time and cost efficiency
  • Decided edge over competitors in terms of knowledge
  • Better understanding of products and numerous comparison options, such as crash simulation, NVH and design
  • Knowledge-based instead of experience-based product development
  • Unites the key fields of expertise testing, benchmarking, scanning, reverse engineering and simulation
  • Provides benchmarking information directly to the virtual development environment
  • Allows evaluation of structural behaviour and improves understanding of the competitor's product
  • Affords insight into structural concepts while providing greater flexibility for own studies
  • Integrates into the early development stage extremely well, closely interlinked with concept determination tools

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EuroCarBody 2016 at a glance

  • 16th Global Vehicle Body Benchmarking Conference
  • Hotel Dolce, Bad Nauheim, Germany, October 18-20, 2016
  • You can find TECOSIM at Booth 17, first floor
  • Organizer: Automotive Circle International
  • Around 350 international automotive engineers
  • Presentation of development, material and production concepts for vehicle bodies

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