Creativity and courage

Creativity and courage to embark on completely new approaches – these are the qualities which TECOSIM requires to develop innovative concepts and sustainable solutions. The company encourages its employees to be creative and provides structures and processes to forge viable innovations from ideas. The in-house employee portal keeps the workforce informed about the wide range of on-going innovation projects.

Idea workshops and innovation meetings take place on a regular basis – within the different hierarchy levels as well as across the different hierarchies and the different disciplines. If an innovative idea becomes something concrete, it is encapsulated in a project proposal. The colleague responsible describes their idea or the new product in the proposal and creates a business plan. In addition to technical expertise, a business-oriented approach is also required in terms of project funding and marketing at a later stage.


We make dedication and creative ideas worthwhile for employees. TECOSIM regularly carries out research and development projects which are designed to optimise products and processes and are funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology. The person who supervises such a project receives a bonus when it is successfully completed. Employees often develop software programmes during the course of such projects and are given a share of the profits from software sales. Each individual is also required to represent the company to the outside world by means of specialist talks and publications. Such services are also rewarded with bonuses.

TECOSIM’s inventive talent has already been recognised by the outside world. In 2015, the company received the second time an award as a Top Innovator among German medium-sized companies.