Tips on submitting applications

You will make a good first impression with an electronic application if you follow the guidelines which we have provided below. You should also take into account typical requirements and etiquette for submitting an application in the country where you apply. Also look at the local job opportunities pages for our companies in the UK, India and Japan.

Cover letter


  • To distinguish yourself from other candidates
  • To draw attention to yourself in an original and creative way
  • To engage the reader’s interest and motivate them to read more
  • No longer than a DIN A4 sheet
  • Do not use overcomplicated sentence structures
  • Do not forget your signature

How to write the letter:

Identify person to contact

  • This enables you to take a more personalised approach and make a positive impression on the receiver

Refer to specific job advertisements, talks at

  • Trade fairs, recommendations or similar

Informed applicants are interested applicants

  • Use information from the company website, the Internet or other sources to help you

Why do you want to work for TECOSIM?

In what way would TECOSIM benefit you?
Why not another company?
  • What does TECOSIM offer which impressed you as a future employee?

Introduce yourself in brief

  • Why are you the right person for the advertised post?
  • You can also find help in this respect from the requirements profile in the job advertisement
  • Describe your professional profile
  • Tip: you are not being asked for a summary of your CV here


  • Indicate your gross annual salary expectations 
Salary ranges and an indication of a basis for negotiations are allowed

  • Do not forget to specify a start date
  • It is important for TECOSIM that you indicate the branch where you’d prefer to work, so that we can forward your application to the right branch. Also tell us if you should have no particular preference.

CV and certificates


  • Start by writing a short summary of your professional career
  • Make sure you include your experience, key skills & aspirations
  • Chronological order
  • Specify the most recent event first
    This makes it easier for us to get a good idea of your qualifications
  • Gaps
    Should there be any gaps in your professional career, briefly explain to us how you spent this time when you were not in education, training or employment.
  • Short explanation?
    On relevant professional experience: explain what you have done in brief in a bulleted list under the job title
    On relevant studies and training: topic and grade for final project; final grade with certificate title
  • Keep it short and simple
    1-2 pages for career starters
    2-3 pages for experienced professionals
  • Personal details
    Hobbies are as much as a part of a CV as advanced training programmes or other further training. They are important, as they allow us to form a full picture of you
  • Photo
    This is no longer a requirement. However, if you wish to send a photo: Have it taken by a professional photographer. Do not use holiday photos.
  • Certificates
    Scan in chronological order - the most recent certificate first - and send us a file. Send in relevant certificates only
  • References
    Contact name, phone number & email addresses of your last 2 employers

Job interview


To find out whether the company is suitable for you and you are suitable for the company

  • How to prepare
    Frequent questions
    Why do you want to work for TECOSIM?
    What appeals to you about the position?
    What strengths and weaknesses do you have?
  • Prepare your own questions for the interviewer
  • Give yourself plenty of time

    Get your calculations right. Take extra time to ensure you arrive punctually.

  • Have faith in your interviewer
    Your interviewer ONLY wishes to get to know you better.
    They are not trying to catch you out with difficult questions
    Interviewers are curious. Not because they want to test you, but because they only have a short time to decide whether working together with you would be successful
  • Dress and appearance
    You should dress in a professional way
    Women: blouse, suit with skirt or trousers
    Men: formal suit
    Do not wear trainers/sneakers

We look forward to receiving your application and wish you every success.