The flow of goods and commodities continues to increase along international waterways and sea routes while the high demand for cruises remains unabated. The shipbuilding industry and its suppliers, however, are faced by great challenges, such as ship safety, high price pressure and the need for increased energy efficiency. These are just a few of the issues affecting the industry. Shipbuilders also need to meet increasing environmental standards and requirements for ‘green shipping’. Shipyards and boat manufacturers are looking for ways to cut costs and for innovative solutions to improve competiveness on an international level.




Our core expertise for shipbuilding

TECOSIM assists its customers in the marine industry with its development services and computer simulations and calculations to provide improvements, such as enhanced resource efficiency, reduced material usage or extended component durability and service life. CAE (computer-aided engineering) is able to shorten development periods considerably and cut costs.

With seven branches in Germany and subsidiaries in the UK, India and Japan, we are able to provide shipyards and their suppliers with the engineering expertise that they require. Our qualified engineers have experience in different segments, such as small boats and yachts, cargo vessels, cruise ships, special ships and naval shipping. We draw on the specialist knowledge of around 400 TECOSIM simulation and calculation experts worldwide to comply with project requirements.

Examples of fields of application:

  • Analysis and improvement of hull strength and durability
  • Optimised use of materials and lightweight construction solution
  • Increases in efficiency
  • Structural analysis
  • Fastener systems
  • Simulation or modelling of pressure waves based on computational fluid dynamics (CFD)
  • Improved cabin comfort thanks to noise minimisation (NVH)
  • System simulation (1D simulation)