Our business fields

TECOSIM is a specialist in numerical calculation and simulation. We develop tomorrow’s solutions for the transport, energy, health, and industry & technology sectors. Our state-of-the-art virtual methods allow us to help our customers to save time and costs or achieve a competitive advantage with innovative products, for instance.


The use of transport is growing worldwide, on roads, rail and water and in the air. As the need for transport increases, so do the requirements for safety, comfort, resource conservation and a reduction in pollutant emissions. Read more about our services for the Transport field of business here.


As the world population grows, the demand for energy increases. One of the principal tasks for governments and business is to ensure an uninterrupted energy supply for the future. Read more about our services for the Energy field of business here.

Industry & Technology

Energy efficiency, innovation management and cost reduction are the challenges currently facing industry. Limited natural resources are leading to sharply increasing costs for many businesses. Companies are on the lookout for new ways to improve energy efficiency and reduce their impact on the environment. Read more about our services for industry here.


Quality and safety requirements are stricter in the pharmaceutical industry and in medical technology than in any other sector. Extensive international standards and government regulations also apply.