Review of ECB: TECOSIM presents existing TEC|BENCH models

The self-developed TEC|BENCH process for virtual benchmarking was the main focus of TECOSIM's corporate appearance at EuroCarBody (ECB) 2016, where TECOSIM also presented attractive, quickly available, existing TEC|BENCH models. This annual trade congress is the world's most important forum for vehicle body benchmarking. Some 550 automotive engineers from 24 countries came together in Bad Nauheim, Germany, in late October to discuss the latest developments in mass car body construction.

TECOSIM also offers attractive existing models alongside specific TEC|BENCH projects. Image: TECOSIM TEC|BENCH

TECOSIM presented the advantages of virtual benchmarking in contrast to conventional hardware product comparisons in the accompanying trade exhibition. Increasingly more OEMs use this method in modern automotive development. “Current challenges such as material variety, new drive concepts and increasing complexity in automotive engineering also add to the growing demand,” says Martin Westerwald, Managing Director at TECOSIM. An automotive manufacturer is able to respond to such challenges quickly and efficiently thanks to virtual benchmarking.

One key benefit of TEC|BENCH is that benchmarking information can be accessed directly in the client’s own CAE environment at any time. The process integrates into the early development stage extremely well, enabling close interconnection with concept determination tools.

TECOSIM has been offering this method since 2004 and has been further developing it ever since. The engineering company has completed some 40 virtual benchmarking projects over the last twelve years, disassembling and scanning both compact vehicles and individual components to transform them into virtual models.

TECOSIM is now also offering its clients existing models from successfully completed benchmarking processes. Advantages: readily available and attractive price.