TECOSIM expands range

TECOSIM now also offers engineering services for all stages of development in addition to CAE. The market leader in calculation and simulation has thus extended its range to include other engineering disciplines. Head of Engineering Services at TECOSIM since 2017, Jürgen Rothländer explains the type and scope of services in an interview.

Jürgen Rothländer (left) has headed Engineering Services at TECOSIM since January 2017

Mr Rothländer, what new engineering services is TECOSIM offering exactly?

We are expanding our existing CAE range to include services such as CAD design, trials and testing, and product, project and quality management. The future will see us handling complete development projects in our branches or on site at clients' locations.

Why now the decision to also offer engineering services for all development stages?

Our clients in Germany have often asked us whether we can provide a wider range of engineering services and thus are in a position to take on more responsibility for the whole development process. Incidentally, design and production development services have long formed a successful part of our range in the UK and India.

What experiences can TECOSIM draw on in this respect?

In the UK, we have handled module or complete projects in chassis and interior development for our main client. Our colleagues in India are able to offer extensive experience in turnkey projects in factory and production planning. We have also already completed many entire projects in Germany – in areas such as reverse engineering and interface and project management.

TECOSIM provides support and guidance to its clients on design, trials and testing and project and interface management both on site and in its own branch offices

What distinguishes TECOSIM's service range from those of other providers?

TECOSIM has a decisive advantage over other providers thanks to its decades of excellent experience in CAE and reverse engineering. We guarantee optimum product development based on our CAE-driven development services and our wide-ranging simulation expertise. An example: Adjustment loops, used to modify the product on a continuous basis until all requirements are met, can be reduced to an optimum extent. This brings down costs since technical simulation plays a major role for modification requirements in the development process. Simulation checks whether requirements are met on a theoretical level. And if needed, technical simulation also acts as a consultant with optimisation suggestions for adjacent development areas.

What industries does the new TECOSIM division Engineering Services provide solutions for?

The range is aimed at the same clients for whom TECOSIM has successfully worked in CAE for years – industrial clients in the transport, energy, health, industry and technology sectors.
Does TECOSIM also provide support for production solutions with engineering services?

Our location in India has successfully been handling development projects for production solutions for many years. We offer interface and project management to our clients in Germany in this field.