TECOSIM supports Germany Scholarship

TECOSIM is funding two new Germany Scholarship beneficiaries at its Munich location in 2017. The development partner has been involved in the scholarship programme initiated by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research since 2011.

Wolfgang Woost and Bastian Marx from the TECOSIM Munich branch welcomed the two scholarship awardees during a ceremony at the Technical University of Munich, presenting them with their official scholarship certificate.

Students and partners from the business world both benefit from this Germany Scholarship programme: young, talented individuals can develop their full potential thanks to the financial support while sponsors get to know future specialists and managers with excellent training before they start their careers.

The Germany Scholarship is awarded to students, regardless of their income, who show social commitment, make outstanding achievements or overcome particular obstacles during the course of their education. The financial aid amounts to 300 euros a month for each grant with the private sponsor providing 150 euros and the German state financing the other half. 22,500 students across the whole country have recently been awarded a Germany Scholarship.

You can also find more information at: www.deutschlandstipendium.de

Munich branch head Wolfgang Woost (right) and Bastian Marx (second from left) with the two awardees Sebastian Rötzer and Janina Datz (third from left) at the Technical University of Munich

Source: Andreas Heddergott/TUM