TECOSIM Newsletter March 2019

Dear Readers,

The transport sector is undergoing a major upheaval. We are adapting our structures to give a rapid, flexible, expert response to our clients' requirements related to this transformation. This restructuring includes setting up a comprehensive organisational unit for business development, for example, where we are consolidating our expertise in future technologies. You'll find more information about changes in responsibilities and contact persons at TECOSIM in this newsletter. 

One product of our reorientation is a centre of excellence for alternative drive systems and autonomous driving, for which Mark Gevers is responsible with immediate effect. He affirms: "E-mobility is not the future; it's the present." Read an interview with the engineer and electric car driver on how CAE can speed up development of new drive concepts and types of transport.

We'll also be telling you how exactly TECOSIM helps to deliver a gaze at the stars. Discover how the service life of a component made of continuous fibre-reinforced thermoplastic can be estimated now that our Life Tool research project has been completed.We hope you enjoy an informative read. Just one more thing: if you like the topics and projects in our newsletter, please recommend us to others.


TECOSIM Newsletter Team