TECSOIM PMT: Managing successful projects

A project management team (PMT) has been working at the TECOSIM location in Cologne for a year. The group brings together all of the relevant process information in an agile project management cycle. The pilot project, originally initiated and successfully implemented for an OEM will possibly be offered as a service by TECOSIM.

The demand for efficient partners for ever more complex software and process developments is constantly increasing - and this globally and across all industries. In Europe, a scarce supply of skilled workers is offset by a large potential of well-trained specialists in Asia. TECOSIM responded to this early with the development of the software development business area and thereby expanded the existing engineering and CAE offerings.

The TECOSIM project management team bases its approach on the project management life cycle established across all industries.

All from one hand

Successful projects are the result of careful planning and efficient cooperation in well-trained teams. "This is increasingly thanks to agile project management in modern automotive development," explains Torben Birker, Board Member of the TECOSIM Group. "Growing complexity combined with decreasing development times are the predominant driving forces in this respect. There is also the desire for developers and project managers to concentrate more fully on their core expertise."

Project management made by TECOSIM: improved time and target achievement

The project management team bases its approach on the conventional project management life cycle. This divides the varied project activities into six main processes: initiation, planning, execution, monitoring, control and closure. The continuous improvement of these process stages and the associated continuous intermediary communication requires successful project management. The client is thus capable of identifying possible project risks at an early stage and can make important decisions for better scheduling and goal achievement.