TECOSIM provides the right impetus

TECOSIM opened a new branch in Hamburg just over a year ago. From there, the worldwide development partner coordinates its activities for aviation and aerospace and for wind energy. In the interview location manager, Tom Sill, outlines the portfolio and explains how the many years of experience of the CAE market leader in the automotive sector can benefit aviation clients.

Since 1 April 2017, Tom Sill has managed the Hamburg branch and has thus been responsible for the Aviation and Aerospace and Wind Power Business Units at TECOSIM.

Mr Sill, exactly what services does TECOSIM offer for the aviation and aerospace industry?

Our portfolio comprises all fields of calculation and simulation. Currently, our clients' focus is on structure simulation and CFD calculations. We also provide support in all certification and verification processes for interior components and aircraft seats.

How does this specifically benefit the client?

We use simulation to improve the performance of components and products for our clients. In this way, we save weight or reduce the production costs. In addition, we record and optimise important findings on dynamic impacts, such as crash, vibration or NVH.

Key word wind energy: What exactly does TECOSIM offer here?

The same specialised portfolio as for the aviation and aerospace industry. And here, too: we improve the efficiency of components and products. For example, we support wind turbine manufacturers in the further development of nacelles and rotor blades. We are currently planning a joint research project with the Fraunhofer Institut and Leibniz University Hanover on new lightweight material concepts for rotor blades.

What distinguishes TECOSIM's service range from those of other providers?

The breadth and depth of our product and service portfolio. With 500 specialists, we are the market and expertise leader in computer-aided engineering. With its worldwide presence TECOSIM guarantees international support for complex projects, enabling the incorporation of best cost resources. Moreover, we use synergies from our decades of experience in the automotive industry.

What does that entail?

In the automotive industry we are recognised as experts for seat development. This long-standing expertise is successfully incorporated in similar projects for our clients in aviation and aerospace. We also see potential for synergy in the fields of dynamic simulation and process automation.

What experiences can TECOSIM draw on?

Last year, two projects stood out. We calculated and simulated rocket stage separations and their effect on existing systems and payloads for the European Ariane project. We produced the structural analyses for cabin monuments and defined structural reinforcements based on the findings for the remodelling of a government airliner.

Many thanks!