Simply experience systems simulation

With the aid of a new online demonstrator on the TECOSIM website, engineers can now try out systems simulation using a driver's seat as an example. This interactive application enables engineers to acquire quicker and greater understanding of processes, such as how different parameters influence the quality of damping comfort. 


  To the online demonstrator

Using a driver's seat as an example, the new online demonstrator enables engineers to try out systems simulation, adopting a hands-on approach.

Users can modify many calculation parameters on an individual basis, such as the seat and driver's weight, the spring rate and the damping type. They then have the option of viewing the effects directly as a plot or an animated clip.

Systems simulation is becoming progressively more important in modern vehicle development due to growing complexities. Increasingly more sub-systems interact with one another and combine to form an overall system. If one of these sub-systems should break down or malfunction, it has a direct impact on the whole system. The primary aim of systems simulation is to prevent such circumstances arising by using simulations and producing a robust system response.

TECOSIM has specialised in 1D simulation for the automotive industry, having already completed a series of projects simulating mileage, consumption, heat management, exhaust treatment and other application fields for vehicle manufacturers.

The new, easy-to-use online demonstrator is a joint development by TECOSIM and software firm Maplesoft.