The brand over time

TECOSIM's trademark has been changed four times since 1992 and further developed in the process. The company founders highlighted the first logo with a concentric fluid network, thus embodying TECOSIM's business activities. In 2004, a diamond with a three-dimensional, meshed surface was added to the logotype.

Brand claim since 2012: Better life by simulation

The networked diamond firstly represents TECOSIM's service portfolio. Models are first networked with finite elements to display vehicles and show development solutions. The diamond also signifies TECOSIM's international links and locations. The TECOSIM trademark was last modified in 2012.

On revising the logo, the CAE experts at TECOSIM also replaced the brand claim "Best partner for simulation" used until 2012 with "Better life by simulation". This slogan allows the engineers to emphasise that they use their expertise and services to provide greater comfort and safety and conserve resources.

The brand values

A strong brand is not only defined by its corporate image, but also to a much greater extent by each individual employee. Some 460 employees worldwide embody TECOSIM's four brand values: innovative, expert, reliable and flexible. The four values are defined by guidelines, which determine the CAE experts' actions in their daily contact with clients.

TECOSIM employees contribute to their clients' success with their pioneering developments and products.

TECOSIM offers its customers comprehensive, cross-sector CAE expertise.

TECOSIM raises the bar with its flawless order processing, timely delivery, optimum planning reliability and accurate cost certainty.

We respond to our clients' requests quickly and flexibly with a clear focus on service.