TECOSIM believes in cooperative partnerships and active communication with its customers. As a development partner, it works for numerous well-known customers in the automotive, energy, health, and industry & technology sectors. A number of our customers:


Adient, Arrival, Aston Martin, BMW, Bosch, Bosch eBike Systems, CEER, Charge Cars, Daihatsu, Ford, Gordon Murray Design, Jaguar Land Rover, Yazaki, LEVC - London Taxi, Lotus, Lucid, Magna, Marelli, McLaren, Mercedes-Benz, Mercedes-AMG, Morgan Motor Company, Next e.Go, Porsche, Rivian, TEVVA, VW, Zoox

Aerospace industry
Ariane Group, Diehl Aviation, E.I.S. Aircraft, Fuchs Aircraft Interior, L5 Interiors, MTU, MT Aerospace


Connected Energy, Enercon, Juwi, Max Nicholas Renewables

Industry and technology

Bayer, Bosch, Danfoss, EBZ, FFT Fertigungstechnik, Fixture Tech Solutions, Fritz Winter, Hilti, Linde, Mtex, Redwood, Strickland Tracks, Schott, Witte


Ivoclar, Henkel, MUOV - Tilt bike