Pedestrian Safety

Statutory requirements for protecting pedestrians have increased steadily over the last few years. This has ensured a significant reduction in the number of pedestrians killed or seriously injured in a collision.

Pedestrian safety focuses on studying the causes of injury. TECOSIM calculates and analyses the crash behaviour of vehicle fronts with regard to:

  • Head impact
  • Impact to the upper thigh and hips
  • Impact to the lower thigh (also with FlexPLI)

The main emphasis is placed on finding potential optimisation for energy absorption and on minimising injury index values.

With the help of detailed studies and component optimisation, we develop solutions for improved pedestrian safety as part of analyses in compliance with EEVC WG17, 78/2009/EC, GTR and NCAP. In the process, we examine active protection systems, such as raising the bonnet after a pedestrian impact is detected.