Occupant Safety

All components are studied to provide optimum safety for vehicle occupants. An impact on injuries is not only caused by restraining systems such as belts and airbags, but also by components such as dashboards, interior trim, seats and steering systems.

TECOSIM uses FE and multi-body system models of dummies, barriers and test samples in different simulation scenarios. The mapped models match those used in real vehicle tests. Calculations include the following:


Frontal impact:

  • Simulation of all front load cases and analysis based on the occupant injury index values

  • Calculation of knee impact on the dashboard with lower body sled


Side impact:

  • Simulation of all side load cases to comply with all statutory requirements and consumer protection tests

  • Use of substructure models for quick analysis

  • Detailed study of trimming components


Passenger compartment:

  • Head impact on dashboard as per ECE-R21 and FMVSS201

  • Head impact on passenger compartment components as per FMVSS201



  • Frontal impact with dummy

  • Rear impact with dummy

  • Protection against load as per ECE R17

  • Belt tension as per ECE R14

  • ISOFIX calculation as per FMVSS225


Airbag simulation:

  • Creation of folded simulation models

  • Validation of airbags based on impactor tests

  • Gas flows taken into consideration during airbag inflation