Crash Simulation

Crash simulations – also impact or drop simulations – are used wherever developers wish to study and optimise the behaviour of structures in a collision. Areas of use include the automotive sector, the aerospace industry, consumer goods or medical technology. TECOSIM is able to provide virtual simulation of standard / required tests and scenarios in all fields, thus ensuring that the requirements of legislators, consumer protection associations and manufacturers are met.

TECOSIM calculates, analyses and simulates the energies and structure deformations produced by a crash and their effects. The specific FE analysis used is able to map non-linearity with regard to material and material behaviour, large deformations, contacts and other factors in a realistic way.

TECOSIM particularly focuses on product development with special attention paid to technical advisory services with regard to characteristics and their optimisation.

Crash simulation in automobile industry

A key specialist field at TECOSIM is crash simulation for the automotive industry. This is subject to a wide range of different requirements. Depending on the desired focus, the emphasis is either on occupant safety, protecting pedestrians or causing as little damage to the vehicle as possible. The challenge for automotive developers in such tasks is to satisfy all requirements while also taking into account aspects such as manufacturing costs and lightweight construction.

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