Support in Process Planning in Car Body Manufacture

In car body manufacturing the individual, pre-formed sheet parts of the car body, i.e. floor elements and parts for the engine cavity, side walls, roof and door components are put together. During system planning, the following question is to the fore in the process planning phase: Which processes and tools should be used for this?

TECOSIM engineers support different services for the process planning in the area of car body manufacture (BIW). During the planning, we always keep an eye on the actual environment.

In addition to the various types of welding processing – like spot-welding or arc welding – processes such as riveting, sticking or pressure joining are used in car body manufacturing. Depending on the joining method, various machines, robots and other equipment are necessary. The system must be designed accordingly. The challenge is always to manufacture the car body with the minimum effort and optimum use of resources.


Services for process planning

TECOSIM engineers support process planning in the area of car body manufacture (BIW) with the following services:

  • Calculating the cycle time, depending on the production volume
  • Structure of the production components on the basis of the part study
  • Study of the welding spots, definitionofthe welding process and selection the welding gun
  • System design and conceptual layout of the plant
  • Proposals for the cable tray layout
  • Clamping plans
  • Ergonomy study
  • Simulation of the material flow
  • Documentation


Used simulation software


TECOSIM engineers use the following software for BIW simulation:

  • eM-Worplace Robcad
  • Process Designer
  • Process Simulate
  • Delmia