Manufacturing Simulation

Another TECOSIM focus is on simulation, the virtual representation of production lines. The engineers construct a complete production plant virtually with the help of special software tools. On the basis of this virtual production line, they check whether the individual resources, such as robots, work according to plan and ensure optimum usage.

TECOSIM’s services include:

  • Defining process flow, validation and optimisation
  • Validation and optimisation of the layout
  • Evaluating and specifying the resource requirements – robots, welding gun, tip dressers, conveyors, fixture and all accessories
  • Validation and optimisation of the cycle time
  • Payload inspection
  • System integration for new variants
  • Checking resource collisions and optimisation
  • Working in BIW with spotwelding, arc welding, hemming and gluing
  • Offline programming – OLP
  • Simulation of the human workforce: studies on safety, accessibility, feasibility, ergonomics

Example for multiple robots loading the underbody part and then doing the glue-welding: Step 1: Picking the parts (car panels) Step 2: Gluing operation Step 3: Loading the parts onto the underbody Step 4: Doing geo-sport welding

Car Body beeing welded on production line