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It is almost impossible to imagine the creation of new products in most sectors without ‘virtual product development’. This is because calculation and simulation bring many advantages to development. As a CAE specialist, TECOSIM offers development expertise in the following fields:

Structure Simulation

TECOSIM uses structure simulations to enhance the performance of components and products, reduce weight or cut production costs. Read more about the different methods that can be used to calculate the stresses of components or complete products.

Fluid Simulation

A large number of machines and processes only function on the basis of flows, which may involve air, flowing gases, water or other liquids. Numerical fluid simulation, also called computational fluid dynamics (CFD) makes it possible to calculate the complex processes related to flows and represent them in models.

Multi Body System Simulation

All branches of industry make use of complex mechanical systems, most of which usually contain a number of moving compnents. To ensure that individual components interact with one another in an optimum way right from the development stage, TECOSIM engineers use multi body system simulation.

System Simulation

System simulation is used to examine highly complex overall systems in which many sub-systems interact. It is essential not to lose sight of the overall system as a sum of all parts for all details. TECOSIM has specialised in 1D simulation for the automotive industry in the system simulation field.


TECOSIM India offers a comprehensive range of mechanical design solutions spanning from concept design, development and manufacturing support.

Solutions for manufacturing

In the production of vehicles many processing steps have to harmonise in order to ensure an efficient operation. TECOSIM offers for this area different manufacturing solutions: In close cooperation with plant manufacturers, we offer services for the phase of process planning, the design development of line building equipment and manufacturing simulation.