The use of transport is growing worldwide, on roads, rail and water and in the air. As the need for transport increases, so do the requirements for safety, comfort, resource conservation and a reduction in pollutant emissions.

As a specialist in computer-aided engineering (CAE), TECOSIM offers comprehensive development services to the transport industry. With the aid of numerical analysis and simulation, engineers are able to improve vehicle safety and comfort of occupants, for example. They calculate and optimise the service life and reliability of components and materials or identify savings potential for materials and fuel consumption. CAE shortens development periods considerably, cuts costs and reduces environmental impact.

Many year’s experience
As a market leader in its segment, TECOSIM has many years’ experience in the passenger car, commercial vehicle, rail transport, shipbuilding and the aerospace sectors. At TECOSIM’s six branches in Germany and six further locations in Austria, India, Japan and the UK, engineers provide a local service and ensure smooth, timely project handling thanks to professional project management.

Innovation projects
We assist and advise our customers throughout the whole development process – from the initial idea, design concepts and customer-specific individual solutions through to an all-inclusive solution and series-production readiness. We have state-of-the-art software and hardware at our disposal for challenging development tasks. Through internal innovation projects and both national and international research ventures, we take a sustainable, future-oriented approach to our activities and help you to achieve success with the latest solutions.