Reconciling work and family life

TECOSIM is actively committed to improving the balance between work and family life. The company offers flexible work conditions to its employees who have family obligations as parents or care providers. TECOSIM also enables its employees to develop their careers in a high-tech environment with challenging assignments in a way which is adapted to their personal circumstances.

What we offer:

  • Flexible working hours suited to your needs Return to work supervised and made easy after parental leave
  • Individual, family-friendly career planning
  • Personalised guidance
  • Part-time work models tailored to requirements
  • Family-friendly vacation policy
  • Childcare voucher scheme
  • Employee events for the whole family
  • Company retirement provision

    Our approach is based on the following concept of the family unit:

    We respect and accept each employee’s definition of a family, as family implies any place where social welfare and responsibility are perceived, predominantly:

    • In a core family (father, mother, child)
    • In families headed by single mothers and fathers, in patchwork and foster families
    • In marital, non-marital and same-sex civil unions
    • In extended families living together with children, parents, siblings and grandparents

    TECOSIM has received the Job and Family seal of approval from the renowned Hertie Foundation for its family-friendly personnel policy. The certificate comes under the patronage of the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth and the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology.

    In addition, TECOSIM is the company most friendly toward women and families in the district of North Groß-Gerau. In the category of companies with more than 50 employees, TECOSIM won the competition to be the "Company most friendly toward women and families". TECOSIM received the jury's maximum score in each of the five categories: work organisation, work hours, measures designed to support families, promotion of equal opportunities as well as organisational and leadership culture.