As the world population grows, the demand for energy increases. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), worldwide energy consumption will increase by 36 per cent by 2035. One of the principal tasks for governments and business is to ensure an uninterrupted energy supply for the future. Key aims in this respect are improvements to energy efficiency and an increase in the percentage of renewable energy used in the energy mix.

TECOSIM offers the energy sector solutions which help to improve systems and to reduce costs and material usage. TECOSIM thus makes a contribution to ensuring less environmental impact and improved energy efficiency. With the help of numerical calculation and computer simulation, we are able to simulate and improve weather resistance in components, the durability and life cycles of systems and their ability to withstand stress.

Renewable energy
The engineers at TECOSIM have many years of CAE experience in the solar and wind energy segments. With seven branches in Germany and six further locations in Austria, India, Japan and the UK, we are able provide a local service for your needs. TECOSIM assists its customers in all respects – from advisory services and developing their initial idea and design concepts through to customer-specific individual solutions and full project management. The quality of our challenging development work is guaranteed by around 460 superbly trained engineers, whose specialist knowledge we drawn on as required for each particular project. We also have state-of-the-art software and hardware for an extensive range of applications.